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XenServer: Create RAID SR.

A quick How-To: on adding a RAID array as an SR in XenServer, the version I personally used was 5.6 but 5.5 and 5.0 should be identical.

Steps to create an SR in a Xenserver.

Locate the RAID array partition.

cat /proc/partitions

This returns a list of all partitions, find the RAID array and make note of it's name (sda, sdb, sdx, etc.).

Now locate the disk-id.

ll /dev/disk/by-id

This lists disk ID's, look for the ID that matches the partition name from the previous step.

Obtain the XenServer host-uuid, we need this because we need to specify the XenServer as the host to attach the SR to in the next step.

xe host-list

Create the SR.

xe sr-create content-type=user device-config:device=/dev/<sdx> host-uuid=<host-uuid> name-label=”RAID Array” shared=false type=lvm

You should now be able to see (and use) your RAID array in XenCenter.