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PowerShell: App-V Suite-In-Place

A powershell script to suite two applications in the local OSD cache, for testing interaction and hotfixing a user if need be. At some point I may update it to accept arguments.

$offcGuid = "22C76228-3DF0-48DD-853C-77FDC955CC86"
$sPath = "RTSPS://%SFT_SOFTGRIDSERVER%:322/Power Pivot for Excel.sft"
$sGuid = "F5B20FA7-E437-4E03-885B-3D5B67F3DC22"
$sParam = ""
$sFile = "%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\Microsoft Analysis Services\AS Excel Client\10\Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AtomLauncher.exe"
$sGuard = "POWPIVOT.1\osguard.cp"
$sSize = "323267785"
$sMand = "FALSE"

$path = "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Application Virtualization Client\SoftGrid Client\OSD Cache\"
$dir = Get-ChildItem $path
$list = $dir | where {$_.extension -eq ".osd"}

foreach ($i in $list)
    [xml] $xml = gc ($path + $i)
        $final = ($path + $i)
        [xml] $excel = gc $final

        $newitem = $excel.CreateElement("CODEBASE")
        $newitem.SetAttribute("HREF", $sPath)
        $newitem.SetAttribute("GUID", $sGuid)
        $newitem.SetAttribute("PARAMETERS", $sParam)
        $newitem.SetAttribute("FILENAME", $sFile)
        $newitem.SetAttribute("SYSGUARDFILE", $sGuard)
        $newitem.SetAttribute("SIZE", $sSize)
        $newitem.SetAttribute("MANDATORY", $sMand)