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App-V: Clear cache on Citrix.

Ran into a problem where I could NOT get app-v to clear the cache properly on a citrix server.

Set: HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\SoftGrid\4.5\AppFS\State = 0

Delete all the OSD's in: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Application Virtualization Client\SoftGrid Client\OSD Cache

Stop the Application Virtualization Client Agent service (this is a dependant service to say Yes when it asks to shut down the parent service). Note that if you have the client console open at the time (or any apps) you will get a connection error, this is harmless, it's just telling you that, well, you stopped the service and it cannot connect.

Open the client console, refresh the publishing server. Problem should be solved.

A pretty common indicator that an application is stuck in the cache is Error #: 00001004

If you see that error, you probably have some OSD's hung up in the cache. If this STILL doesn't resolve it, make sure that in the user profile(s, if you aren't doing mandatory profiles) the OSD caches are cleared as well. That SHOULDN'T be an issue, it's usually the machine cache that fails to be cleaned up properly.

App-V Error: 4A-40000194

There are a few possible problems here but I find the most common is that the OSD is not pointing to either the right location, deployment method, or both.

Check the OSD's (or go in via the Sequencer if you wish, but that will typically generate a new version of the .sft, though I haven't tried in 4.6SP1, maybe that was one of the two things they got right) to ensure the correct method and location are specified.

Remember that typically speaking it will be something like:

And seldom if ever: