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PowerShell: Configure Client for DSC Pull

The final piece of the puzzle here is configuring a client to actually pull it's config from the server you created.

The script.

The thing I will note about the GUID you use is, what guid you use depends on how you intend to set up DSC.

There are many ways to skin this cat, you can use one GUID per role, say XenApp = 6311dc98-2c2a-4fbe-a8bc-e662da33148e and App-V = 6b5dac21-6181-400f-8c7a-0dd4bfd0926d, this allows you to keep the GUID count/management low, but also makes it difficult to target specific nodes (though how important that is, I leave up to you, for me, I want all my App-V servers to look alike and the same for my XenApp Servers).

You can generate a GUID on the fly like this:


And then keep track of them in a database. Managing this is going to require more legwork though is you provision servers.

Ultimately, for now, I am using the one GUID per role method.

The second note here is that you do NOT want to use HTTP, if you can, PLEASE use SSL, this script does NOT use SSL, but it is harder to find info on setting it up without SSL than with so...remove the following snippet from DownloadManagerCustomData to enforce SSL:

;AllowUnsecureConnection = 'True'

Once you have this tweaked to your liking you can apply the configuration by running:

Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager -Path