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PowerShell: DSC Example Configuration

I figured I would give a more practical and slightly more complex example config, which you can find here.

Anything in <> was stripped for security sake but the overall gist of it is there, zAppvImport is a custom DSC resource I wrote to ensure the contents of a path are imported onto a XenApp server, there are a couple weird things I had to account for in this build, namely the legacy apps and the permissions I need to set. These installer for one no longer exists so a file copy is the only way and the other one has a terrible old installer than hangs half the time so it gets the same treatment (it HATES Windows Installer for some reason which seams to corrupt the files no matter what so a file copy it is).

This is just an example of a custom App-V XenApp 6.5 server config (that isn't done) that goes from barebones to configured in these few, relatively simple, steps.