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Speaking Of Things Nobody Tested...

Confirmed this with a few people now.

If you have a sequence, and you update it, and then say, you delete the _2.sft after making a _3.sft (because why have them all lying around wasting space) and you open the sequence, make another changer, then save it. You will get a _2.sft 90% of the time.

Which when put into the console will say it's not the right version lineage.

Thereby giving you the choice of keeping all your SFT's around, forever, or jumping through a bunch of hoops trying to get it back into a correct lineage (like, say, dumping the entire app out of the console and reimporting it, which will again 90% of the time give you all kinds of problems because the clients will see they aren't supposed to have it, but do have it, but it's the wrong version, so the only way to fix it is to manually runn SFTMIME commands on each machine to clear it out).

Let's call it what it is.

Really poor software. In no way, shape, or form acceptable for a paid product from one of the largest software companies on the planet.