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App-V: PrimalScript 2011

Pretty straightforward on this one. But a couple steps you need to take beforehand. First, download the following:

VC++ 2k8 SP1 Redist (x86)

VC++ 2k8 SP1 Redist (x64)

Install both of these on your clean Sequencer, when it comes time to install PrimalScript (you should already know how to get to this point) set the install directory to the folder on your Q: drive, choose Complete and uncheck the two VC++ 2k8 options. The rest of the install should go pretty smooth.

The only oddness I saw with the sequence (after the basic cleanup) was the first launch it PowerShell.exe hung (I may have been impatient) and I had to enter the serial # twice, which may have been residual issues from the first launch. Haven't been able to reproduce it yet.