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App-V 5.0: Package Conversion Script

A quick PowerShell script with logging to convert a directory full of App-V packages.

$src = "<source path>\"
$dst = "<destination path>"
$logdir = "<logfile location>\ConversionLog.txt"
Import-Module AppvPkgConverter
$list = dir $src|where {$_.mode -match "d"}
If((Test-Path $logdir) -eq $false)
	New-Item($logdir) -Type File
foreach($i in $list)
	Write-Host $src$i
	$conv = ConvertFrom-AppvLegacyPackage -SourcePath $src$i -DestinationPath $dst
	If($conv.Error -ne $null -or $conv.Warnings -ne $null)
		Add-Content -Path $logdir -Value ($conv.Source+" appears to have failed...`n")
		Add-Content -Path $logdir -Value ("Error: "+$conv.Errors+"`nWarning: "+$conv.Warnings+"`n")
	}elseif($conv.Information -ne $null){
		Add-Content $logdir $conv.Information"`n"
		Add-Content -Path $logdir -Value ($conv.Source + " completed ok, no Errors or Warnings...`n")