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App-V: Merge Local.

Another question I've gotten a lot lately.

The example situation I'll give is HP Service Manager, I want to create secondary sequences to suite with the main install to lay down additional .launch files (that not everyone needs).

The files in question go to: Q:\ITSM.711\profile\ServiceManager\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.debug.core\.launches

As an aside this is NOT where you want your secondary sequence to go, in this case I'm monitoring to Q:\ITSMDEV

Anyway, there are two ways to do this, if I create the folder path BEFORE I start monitoring the resulting path will show up as Merge with Local. If I create it AFTER I start monitoring it will be set to Override Local.

The difference between these two is, even though the primary package is not "local", one will BLOCK everything in Q:\ITSM.711 and the other will just add its contents on top.

Now lets say I WANT to block out the Development.launch file that may already exist in the package, but I don't want to block out the entire path. You wont be able to set JUST the file but you can create everything in the path UP TO the last folder, then create the last folder during monitoring and place the new .launches inside. Just bear in mind that it will block everything in the folder, so if you want them to still have Production.launch available you will need to include that as well, not ideal in my opinion but whatever.

Doing so will save you from being forced to click every folder in the path and set it to Merge with Local, while still picking up the Override Local on the .launches folder.