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App-V: Firefox 8

Was about to put up a whole guide on FF8 when I saw Aaron Parker put a guide up of his own. No point in re-inventing the wheel so I'll just point over in that direction.

Hasn't really changed much since the FF5 stuff I posted on the official forum and what was already out at the time, so it's largely mroe of the same.

One thing I did want to mention though which applies in general to more than just Firefox is how to handle swapping out applications like this.

For a few reasons I wont get into I decided to sequence this as a new app and not an upgrade to version 5. This causes an interesting issue. How do I remove version 5? If I just strip the permissions and delete it then anyone who tried to launch it between now and their next reboot will effectively not have Firefox.

What you want to do is slowly get rid of it. The best way I have found is to add Firefox 8 to the AVS, then goto the Firefox 5 Application Group and disable the shortcuts.

What this will do is LEAVE Firefox 5 working and intact for everyone who has it, but when they next reboot or log off/on the shortcuts will go away and the shortcut for 8 (which appears to have moved to the root of Programs btw) will come down.

After a span of time that seems to provide a reasonable likelihood that everyone who uses 5 has rebooted or relogged (3 months, 6 months, depends on the size and type of your company, if it's small enough maybe a month, if you force a reboot via something like SCCM, you can control it, but I'm trying to do this as "in the background" as possible) you can remove Firefox 5 from AVS all together.