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App-V: Office 2010, The Phantom Icons.

Had a really fun occurence, sequencing Office 2010 I found when I put it into the staging environment that none of the FTA shortcuts existed.

Sadly due to project deadlines I cannot tell you WHY it suddenly opted not to capture those shortcuts, but I can give you a dirty fix.

If you have an old copy of Office 2010 sequenced with working shortcuts, copy them all over to the Icons folder under your new sequence, 99.9% chance they will all the named correctly, and your problem solved.

My suspiscion is that with Lync and UC and IronPort in the sequence, I really do think this is just approaching the limit of complexity that App-V can happen. I can sequence Office 2010 by itself in 25 minutes (including SP1 and the Aug. CU's) all day long, the slowest part is the LOCAL_INTERACTION_ALLOWED, but I can do it reliably.

With these four included? It gets VERY spotty. I can do it three times over and get three different results, one might work.

So if you don't have an old copy lying around try doing as vanilla a sequence as possible (don't worry about the local interaction or version syncing, you are just after the icons) and use them to fix your working, complex, version.